Permission to Use Photos

I need help, I cannot find the owner of this photo, and would like to use it again. Permission was given to use it for our 'Angel' banner at one time.

If you are the owner or remember who posted it around Dec 25rh, could you please email me:  

I have been to many sights searching for the My Town Blogger member, but cannot seem to find them!

As a reminder members- It is respectful to ask permission to use others photos. From time to time on OTHER sites I have seen people complain that there content was taken and used with out their permission. I also have seen getting it in writing, and keeping a copy of that permission email is a good thing. No one wants to infringe on copy right laws.

Thanks for your help!

Chef E


  1. I don't recall whose this is.

    And, you have my permission to place any of my photos on your banner or in this blog for posting :)

    ~ Heather T.
    {Simply}Heather in Vermont

    OH - and rather than having to worry about any infringements - you can place a permanent notice at the top of the sidebar stating that all photos hold individual copyrights to their original owners (as I show at Write With Pictures and the Soaring blogs)

  2. I saw the Angel photo on Feb 1. It was the photo for a poem of Liz Stellings at Creative TMI.
    Here is the link:

  3. It was my photo and chefE tracked me down. I appreciated her asking permission!


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