Spotlight photos – Friday Shoot out Plazas

This week we had somewhat of a quiet turnout, just as much quality just not as many, 19 compared with 25 for Aquariums and 37 for Circles. I thought this was a good topic, there are many ways of of interpreting PLAZAs, 'There are military plazas, parks with dancing ‘plazas’ (pavilions), even food courts in shopping centers could be considered a meet and greet place for the modern teenager. Here are a few of the photos that I thought represented different ways of interpreting our modern ‘plazas’. GingerV

District Plaza by Redlan

District Plaza by Redlan
Ann from Auckland, New Zealand

Open air concerts and lectures
by Ann in New Zealand
Heather's Battery Park

Heather’s Battery Park
Jama in Singapore

Apartment’s Community center
Kerry in OreganKerry’s seals waiting for the paradeScriptor Senex troop return

Scriptor Senex – Return of the troops
Platt 55's farmers market Plot 55 – Farmers Market

the meeting of old with new by Pauline

Meeting of the old with the new
ceremony by Pauline


  1. I really like the way you've shared the photos this week :)

  2. Me too! Sorry I did not participate this week, but my town is like one big giant town square off the college in Princeton, and you have seen those three times already!

    See you next week!

    I also love the new ideas for post!

  3. For April 2, what does 'bokeh' mean? I ask because the explanation prompt is usually posted just a few days before the theme day, and I usually take my photos one or two weekends in advance (a lot of people might do the same)

  4. this question came up twice this week - and I have posted the question hoping for some photo lessons> I also found basic info at

    I have probably deleted this over the years without knowing there was a name for it.

  5. Thanks for Ginger V. I am happy to see photo shared this week.


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