Spotlight photos ‘One Year Replay

Birthday celebration by Kathy

Starting with Kathy’s birthday celebration this week’s shoot out was quality all the way.


Mark and B&B’s photo op in Cemetery

and Chef E’s painting the town RED a Self portrait were both told with their usual fine humor





Cemetaries by Mark & B&BChefE paint your town red...

  Faces by Sarah

Sarah with her favorite topic of Faces





QMM showing us her ‘old Kentucky Home’

My old Kentucky Home by QMMWater by Jama

and finally Jama once again in the spotlight with a beautiful stop-action Water photo that could also have been captioned Classics of Childhood


  1. I love them all! Sarah's cat is beautiful. My five cats made me write that.

  2. LOL are gonna swell her head...thank you for adding mine ginger. Such wonderful pictures here!! I loved this topic so wonderful to see what people chose!!


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