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Please take a moment to look at the 'suggested topic' list on the left panel. I have entered the last topic suggestions that I received. (see z - z9) I will try to put them into a 'time' order later. Which means I will juggle them around so they don't repeat like topics to soon, one right after the other. There are some I like in particular but will try not to do my favorites first (lol!) - the ones you can count on the order are in the 'future topics' list assigned to dates through the end of February.

Also, I would like to have everyone consider their schedules for the next 6 or 8 months - I am calling for a volunteer to take my place in arranging the topics list and the 'member voice' posts. I have been doing it for quite some time and think that a fresh attitude - a fresh mind would help us keep up our enthusiasm. I can continue in this task if no one steps forward - but ask that you all think about it. Please don't volunteer if you think there might be time constraints in the coming months - this is not terribly time consuming like picking the spotlight photos every week is but it does make it harder on the rest of the town blogger team when responsibilities have to be shuffled too often. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.
(photo by GingerV - a thumbnail sized orchid )


  1. GingerV- Do not forget that the first week of March I had wanted to do the 'honor someone we have lost'?

  2. thanks for reminding me.... will do it now before I forget.

  3. I was going to make the same request for the spotlight shots.

    It would be easier to share it with someone, and every other week have the responsibility. After I get done, I feel really good I did it...but it takes a lot of time.

    If anyone is interested in sharing it with me - I'd be really happy for your help!

  4. Jen why don't we trade. the topics list doesn't have the same time restraints that the spotlight does, you can do catch-up any time during the week / or two weeks - I would enjoy the change.

  5. Hello, Godesses of the Shootout,
    one more topic: Battery Recycling in my Town! you just knew this was coming.
    (And, regarding the comment thread on Butler&Bagman, the schedule was clear; some people (ok, me) were just having a little too much fun with Mark's post and created collateral confusion. Sorry.)

  6. Have we done a new/old?


    p/s thanks for doing a great job, this is my favorite meme.


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