In the spotlight – Colors on 3 /19

I am traveling again tomorrow - this time to Florida to spend a few days with my mother and sister in Sarasota City.  I will post some pictures on ‘Flowers’ from there but can’t promise any additional comments.  I have already scheduled a Member Voice for Sunday afternoon and thought that I would spotlight a few photos from this weeks ‘My Town Friday Shoot – out before I fly. 

As of right now there are 24 posts this week,  a really good turnout.  This number includes several new participants so be sure you go by and say ‘hello and welcome’.    This week’s topic seemed to lend itself to special effects and macro shots.  I pulled a few of those because they were spectacular but ended up trying to spotlight photos that included ‘my town’ like themes.  Maybe mid-week (if my brother-in-law lets me use his computer) I will post an extra spotlight and show off some of those very special photos ….  GingerV

Spotlights for March 19, 2010

RED by Sara UK
Red by Sara in the UK
Blue by Jama 
Blue by Jama
claires fall color
Gold – fall colors by Claire
green - the scattering
Green by the Scattering
Yellow (and pink) by Heather
Yellow (and pink) by Heather

i like to write - blue
Blue by ‘I like to Write’


  1. They are, and I did try and go back to add Sara's sons to the banner, but it kept messing up, so I am glad it is used once again in a post!

  2. I love these photographs and I can not believe my one is in there amongst the greats! Thank you so much! I nearly didnt put it in, I took it with my old trusty camera phone! I love the first photograph! Pure Joy!

  3. Have fun everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing what you shoot.
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