March 5th- Rememberance

This past summer I got a chance to go to an old family property, and my parents graves; it had been since 04, and I had left Texas that same year. I was ready to make the voyage and document a family tree for my son. I have these photos now to reflect on the ones that moved to the harsh west Texas country for the good of the family. I suspect the women were tough, and I hope to carry that legacy on.

This may be a hard one since a few of us have experienced loss firsthand over the past years.. My daughters birthday was today, so this week just seemed like a good time to give everyone a chance to remember a loved one- mother, father, sister, brother, beloved pets, or all family who stood out in many ways. Also remembering those who have given their lives for us is something we should do on a regular basis, even if we did not get the chance to shake their hand in person.

I know this may not be a 'My Town' kind of shoot out, but even if the photos were taken in the state where your family came from will work for this one.

Thanks everyone for participating each week, and keeping My Town Blogger Team Shoot Outs going!

Elizabeth Akin Stelling
My fathers favorite uncle and aunt (whom I was named after in Breckenridge, Texas, Post Oak Cemetery- I am fifth generation 'Akin' from Ireland)


  1. ChefE - every town has its hero (S) we can also use this week to remember our war heros of old and new, a famous person they admire, even a person not famous just admired. thanks for giving us this inspiration.

  2. Hmmmm gonna have to give this some thought...I love it though!

  3. Thanks Elizabeth,

    I just did mine. I open my mouth about my late Andrew every opportunity I have,




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