New Banner Time!

Somewhere in there I can see Butler & Bagman running with this title- putting those loose fitting 80's pants on, then dancing back and forth doing their version of "Its Hammer Time", and we will all laugh, because laughing is a good thing, just like colors!

I swipe your photos like a thief in the night, with intentions of using more, but then they do not all fit. I am saddened by not being able to put everyone's photos up, but I know you understand. I also wonder how many of you thought I got to busy and forgot. I like the element of surprise!

Peace & Love to all my Friday Shoot Out member friends!

Chef E
Banner Patrol, and lovin' it...


  1. This is my fav picture of my boys I hope it will fit in your banner!

  2. Bagman and Butler agree that it is a wonderful picture.

  3. I thought you were hiding someplace - love the new banner.


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