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These are just a few of my favorites from this week’s shootout.  Great job with the black and white.  I was hoping that I would get suggestions from all the participants of a few favorites but didn’t hear anything from anyone.  So I picked these.  Hey did you know it is hard to pick favorites every week?  Did you have a favorite that I missed – let me know and I’ll do a special spotlight.  Tell me why – composition – clarity – theme -  by seeing your favorite through your eyes we can learn more about photos and photography.

here are my picks -

ANNs sepia bridge
Ann’s bridge across the flats in sepia
Ferry bridge by Jama
The ferry bridge by Jama
Doreen in Michigan
The old covered bridge by Doreen
guitarbridge by Sarah
Guitar bridge by Sarah
Footbridge in snow by Elaine Footbridge in snow (sounds like a poem) by Elaine
to the tree house by JarielynTo the tree house by Jarielyn
Crazy by Manang KimManang Kim

** in most cases these are my titles –


  1. These are brilliant! I especially loved Sarah's take on the bridge!

  2. Well I think you did a good job, this in spite of the fact that you are away from home right now.

  3. I wanted to send you a note of favorites but found myself wandering around and then forgetting to tell you...I'm sorry, Ginger. Doreen's covered bridge was one of my favorites and the creative aspect of Sarah's guitar really impressed me too. These were all great choices!

    Maybe...just maybe, everyone on the members list would be willing to choose one week to pick their favorites for posting here, sending you the list of fav's each Friday. That would relieve you a bit and wouldn't really cause a great amount of pressure on anyone...if everyone played along :) - just a thought.

  4. I think that when I say its a lot of work - don't mean WORK - I go to all the sites anyway.... I think I mean responsibility to ASSUME I know what is best week after week.
    anytime anyone wants to do it they just have to let me know like on FIRDAY - HEY GINGER ID LIKE TO PICK THIS WEEK.....

  5. thanks! I forget that you want us to pick favs. maybe we need some sort of reminder every week to send you one fav or many fav for that week. maybe on the Mr. Linky page for that week add at the top to send in one or two fav pics for the spotlight photos.

    all of these were special ones to me. good choices!!

  6. Yay!! Thanks my picture was chosen. ^_^


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