April 23 Topic - Honoring Trees

(spring/Fall) Earth Day 2010 - by gingerv

DSC_2983 Green is in today.  From cleaning supplies to paint supplies everything is being promised as ‘making our world greener’.   This is wonderful, I can find no fault in bringing green into focus but we have always had a world of green right in our own back yards. 



The Freedom Tree, Missouri City Texas, by gingerv

This week lets get back to our TOWNs and show off the beauty of our trees.  Whether it be tropical palm trees or stately old oaks, whether the trees of our town are just beginning to bud, baby green leaves or flowering blooms, whether they are just starting to loose their leaves in preparation for the  coming winter, they define our community, improve our environment,  make our worlds, our towns beautiful. 

Earth Day - April 22, 2010


  1. Dash!

    I will have to find a camara fast because I have left mine at my friends house and I really want to take some photos of the trees around us. I love trees!

  2. By the way, the topic listed for next week (Worker's Mourning Day) was not suggested by either Linda or I.

    Not sure where that came from, but it wasn't from us.

  3. This was a wonderful chance to spotlight my favorite old Oak tree.


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