April 30 - Sports and other games in your town - by Barry and Linda

Time to fess up. Before leaving for the States at the first of March, I was pushing to have the next month’s topics posted. I had sent out an SOS asking for more topic suggestions and I received many, (thank you all), including one from ChefE that the topics coincide with holidays and other calendar events. I have done this to a certain extent in prior times but with good intentions spent a day printing calendars from the internet with worldwide happenings listed….. This was somewhat of a mess by the way and here is the result….. a note from Barry saying “hey I didn’t suggest Worker’s Mourning Day” He was right he had giving 5 or 6 suggestion none of the WMD – this is something I had pulled from the calendar and then confused myself, and then confused you all. With Barry’s help I think we are back on track, here is what he has to say,

“I don't think many Canadians are even aware of Worker's Mourning Day because, while its an official day of recognition it is not a holiday. When we get the day off work, we tend to notice. If not, its just another day.

I'd be content with either Places of Entertainment or Sports. In fact, thinking about it, I think Sports would make for more interesting photographs.

Here we have kids playing hockey on the streets, softball leagues at every ball diamond, soccer in most school yards, tennis, basketball and even cricket is making an appearance.

With an epidemic of obesity sweeping the world it would be good to pay tribute to the men women and children who are still getting out there and being active.

I'd love to see what sporting events take place around the world through the lens of our FSO members.”


DSC01104So this coming Friday have fun with sports in your town. GingerV


  1. Thank goodness. Sports is something I think I have photos for!


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