Bokeh – Spotlighting blur

These spotlight photos were chosen with the help of Heather and Doreen. This week I had so many favorite shots that thank goodness Doreen and Heather were willing to help me figure out which ones to post…..

For me and I think for all of you, this week’s shoot-out was fun, a learning experience for many, and very interesting going to each post to see what was done and learning even more.

This week I am spotlighting a special photo. By general consensus in the comments and through special notes to my email, Mark’s Gosling is this week’s favorite photo. I titled it ‘do I really have to?’

What made this my favorite of the Spotlight photos was the story that it evoked in my mind. I bet that you would also be able to come up with a story or a poem or even just a word that this image inspires. Good job Mark.

Do I really have to by B&B edge

Also chosen from our 27 participating posts – This week making choices was really a problem. On some of the post there were five photos and all five were wonderful – this happened more than once. My hafting to choose just one from so many great photos and then how is it possible to boil the spotlights down to five or six photos – I had at least one favorite on each site and ended up choosing based on variety - so I hope you like these also.

A moment of Whimsy by ChefE

A moment of Whimsy by ChefE

1st prize by Shabby Girl

1st prize by Shabby Girl


Into the Light by JarieLyn

Manang Kim

Clarity by Manang Kim


The king of Spring by Clare st John


  1. Great choices, wasn't it a fun theme!?

  2. Absolutely, great choices, Ginger :)

  3. I'd like to just add something that I had forgotten to mention about this bokeh theme. I never realized until it was pointed out that the micro/blur background had a name (bokeh)...but often, find myself choosing to take these kind of shots. I am drawn to them...and after finding this theme, I wandered through all of my old photos to find that I have MANY :)

    Pretty great, learning that what I like to do most is actually called something :)

  4. my choice, the little gosling.

  5. Mark's Gosling photo is really really great. And the title "Do I really have to" makes me chuckled, hehe! Thank's for picking my photo too, just to be picked is already an honor. It is fun doing it, in fact I had to google first what is "bokeh" means lol! To all fellow bloggers all photos are great!! Good job to us all!! Keep coming!


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