A Call For Photos

Its 'A New Banner' time is here! May is upon us as finicky spring comes in and out of play, causing the weather to prevent me from entering a swimming pool until September when it changes again, lol, but I feel we do not have time to do Mother's Day, or Fathers Day themed Banners all at once-

How about you send me a photo of you and your child in a Spring/Summer setting, or just 'Your' season setting in your town- getting us through until the end of June, and then I will do a July 4th banner, and will wait for your '...bursting in air, while the flag was still there...' photos!

I need them ASAP, please of course... I will have it up by Sunday!

I am heading to Florida/GA to fish with Gordon...hubby, and our couple friends the Turners, so I will post on that this weekend, but will not be in the FSO this week...

GingerV- I cannot email you, it is not going through? All is okay, and that is fine!

Chef E
elizabeth@cookappeal.com (send photos)

ATTENTION: Thanks to Chef E for taking the time to make us a new header photo. Also please welcome a new member of the Town Blogger Team – Doreen has agreed to help out as needed. ~ GingerV


  1. Sara (UK) If you read this, I am planning on using your sons at the beach photo this go round if that is okay?

    Let me know...

  2. anyone who can't get through on gingerv@gigalink.com.br can email me also at v.vanstaveren@sbcglobal.net


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