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“my bags are packed &… Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again…”
(John Denver)

Since I sat down at the computer to write up this post this song, actually not the whole song but just these words, has been going through my head…. apropos for me today don’t you think?   I am ready to go and find myself with several hours to fill so why not post the spotlight photo for this week so you all don’t have to wait on me to get home tomorrow.

Kerry suggested this week’s topic saying, “…Look through photos from your town and pick out JUST ONE that brings a smile to your face.”  As in every prior My Town Friday Shoot-out, this week also had many great shots; some told a story, a few gave us glimpses into the writer’s personal world  or into their personal thoughts, some posts had just one photo and some had many but all were offered with thoughtful consideration to our topic and this makes choosing just a few to spotlight a real challenge. 

Again I received help from Doreen and Kerry in choosing our spotlighted photos.   Of all the ones suggested for consideration this week there are three that I felt reflected community and made us smile -

Dressed to dine  by JarieLynn


Baseball after lunch  by Mark (B&B)


Community wisdom  by Kathy in Ca Worship by Kathy in CA

** if you ever have a favorite you would like to nominate for spotlight just email me with the photo telling me whose it is, or just a description**


  1. This week's posts brought me a lot of smiles! Thank you Ginger for your steadfast work here at FSO.

  2. Giggle...am finally back on my feet and will be visiting everyones funnies tomorrow!!!
    Giggle snort!


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