My Town Friday Shoot-out / Trees

(please note that I have changed the video at the end of this post to add two posts that had been left out.)

Within our group there are so many talented, worthy of note, participants that each and every week it is a major quandary for me to choose just a few spotlight photos. If you are tired of hearing me say this, SORRY but I am not tired of saying it….. it adds to all our pleasure to take in these special posts each week. This week I thought I would start off with something different – THIS is what our topic really meant this week. Thank you Gordon.


A tiny acorn in the wild

Is, somewhat, like a little child.

Small children need our loving care,

But, for an acorn, help is rare.

It takes a planter, kind and wise,

To hear their silent fervent cries.

If we could like the planter be,

And take the time to save a tree,

Or help a child grow strong and tall,

They, both, would surely bless us all.

It takes a planter to invoke

The spirit of a mighty oak.

So, may we always do our part

To teach a child in mind and heart.

As planters, may we live to see

An endless oaken canopy.

Copyright-Gordon Hand

A special tribute to all our trees


  1. Great slide show Ginger. And I am glad that you included Gordon's poem.

  2. Beautiful, Ginger...everything :)

  3. Very nice little video and poem :)

  4. Terrific job, Ginger. Thank you so much.

  5. I love this GingerV! love it!

  6. Thanks for all the hard works! wonderful slides.

  7. That was fantastic Ginger! all the pictures were beautiful!

  8. That's beautiful Ginger, thank you so much for all the work you put into this group, it's much appreciated :o)

  9. Thank you wow this is wonderful hon!!! Love the poem also Gordon!! Wow guys!!

  10. Stupendous slide show Ginger. What talent we have at the helm of FSO!

  11. Beautiful slide show. It didn't have a chance to go through all the sites. Wonderful to see some of what I missed.

  12. Great show! It's nice to see them in a slideshow. You done good!

  13. Wonderful job,thanks for helping us shine.


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