Spotlight Country Roads

We arrived back from Dallas late afternoon yesterday and I had looked at all your posts by bedtime.  I tried to remember to leave a note for everyone but woke this morning thinking I hadn’t and the well rested brain is probably right. This week I had help from Kerry and Doreen in making choices of the spotlight photos – thank you ladies.

I am constantly amazed at the diversity of interpretations of our topics and at the photographic styles used to bring them alive.  This photo by Jessica was the unanimous choice of her readers; it gets right to the core of the ‘country road’ theme.  As Gordon said in his comment, “ Hand in hand on a country road is the way to live!”



Doreen’s Country


Jama’s two wheel road

Sarah Paige

Sarah-Paige’s cold Vancouver


Nan U’s Bridge

Scriptor Senex

Scriptor Senex’s Lanes of North Wales


  1. Ha! Does anyone realize Gordon's last name is Hand? Of course he would say that :) I am going to name every fish we catch after him :)

  2. I know and did not make a connection.... brain freeze/

  3. Great choices, these are all beautiful!

  4. thanks for taking care of the trash Ginger. wonder if anyone caught that? :-)

  5. These are all so good. Thanks for including me. :)


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