Topic April 9 - Country Roads - by Gordon

Country Roads by John Denver

Whether this is spring or summer in your part of the country it should be a good time for us to drive those country roads in or around our towns. Can’t wait to see your photos. GingerV


  1. Thinking up places as I type Ginger V! see you friday!

  2. I plan on a house raiser with this one! Well you know how Chef E is...

  3. am sorry . am kinda busy nowadays for the tax season. i still check this site. i will participate this weeks challenge. take care guys!

  4. Hi Gordon,

    do I take it you mean photos taken while you are on the country road, and not just the physical road itself.



  5. of course your personal inturpretation is important so do whatever makes you happy - if your actual country road is muddy pot holes - photos could be very interesting....
    did you listen to the John dever song - there can be emotional inturpretations also....

  6. this is going to be a good one this time because I live around lots of country lanes!

  7. This song has a special meaning for me. During my class's 28th reunion in 1999, first one ever, in Methodist School Borneo, we invited our teachers. One of them, Miss. F lives in Maryland. She was my guest in Singapore before we went to Borneo.

    One of the boys sang,"Take me home." Little did we know, West Virgina was Miss F's home. We were all in tears when she told us about it.

    We were all emotional, because these teachers gave up the comfort of 1st world living in USA and UK, to come to the third world to teach us. We knew it was unlikely we would see them again as they were in their late 60s and by themselves, ex missionary teachers do not have a lot of money, needless to say, to visit Borneo again.

    Thanks, GingerV.


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