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Even though it was a small group this week, the photos and the stories about your Zoos were top notch. I am a little late giving you my choices for the spotlight photo (s) because I was going to pick just one and tell you what I thought was so good about that one…. then yesterday I visited all the posts on MrLinky, pulled 6 photos, including two from Rebecca because I thought all of her photo were extraordinary and couldn’t make a choice, and then got stuck trying to pick just one to spotlight ….

each one has its own merit, whether it is about telling a story or explaining why we are drawn to see wild animals even in some not so nice surrounding – or just the beauty in color and form. So here are my picks for this week not in any particular order, enjoy, comment and see you next Friday.

Barry & Linda's Toronto ZooFrom Barry and Linda’s Toronto Zoo. This zoo sounds like it should be our next vacation destination – wonderful B & L.

Ann's Singapore Zoo Ann’s Singapore Zoo - this felt like the Elephants were watching the people and gossiping.

Jama's white tiger

Jama’s White Tiger

SOL Washington Zoo

The Washington Zoo by Sol

(a workout at the gym wouldn’t hurt this guy)

Gigi's favorite anteater

Gigi’s favorite anteater -

BY Rebecca

and last but in no way least

A close-up by Rebecca

how many times have you seen a photo of the tail of a peacock ?

this is my very first portrait – He is beautiful.


  1. Even though I couldn't do zoo, I still played to keep me connected to everyone's post. If I had to choose just one, I'd have lost my mind. You done good choosing 6 out of all those brilliant photos. Great job everyone!

  2. Thanks and I'm still trying to get around to every one's post. We are traveling this week.

  3. How cool, I am so jealous, we do not have a zoo here! I miss St Louis there zoo when I lived there was so cool, like a real jungle...


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