May 7 - Mother's day special - Things I like to touch - by Butler and Bagman

Mark of Butler and Bagman suggested this weeks topic ‘things I like to touch’, and though he is still on sabbatical from blogging in general and more important to all of us – the Friday Shoot-out in particular, I for one am still being positive that he will come back to us – SOON so we will use his suggestion and enjoy ourselves by his direction.

I can’t do justice to the topic that he would have, knowing exactly what he had on his mind when he sent the topic suggestion our way but here goes my take on it.

“While your other four senses (sight, hearing, smell, and taste) are located in specific parts of the body, your sense of touch is found all over…. The most sensitive areas of your body are your hands, lips, face, neck, tongue, fingertips and feet”

I read somewhere that the sense of touch is the only sense that helps us define the world around us. Not only do we have a physical sense of touch, we also have emotional, memory, and communication connections that keep us in touch with our world.

DSC_9640This morning I went to Tutti-frutti supermarket and realized I use sight and smell to know if the fruits are fresh but the most important, I used my finger tips to test if they were at their peak of ripeness.

This week with this topic I hope to see a return of many of our group and to see many different interpretations of ‘things I like to touch’ in our towns (in our world)



  1. Hi, I'm new around here. Do folks posts blogs with pictures or pictures from flickr or what? And where do they get posted?


  2. Oooo how fun!!
    Cheryl... we post a set of photos on our own blogs..blogger, wordpress.etc. to go with the theme of the week. If you click on the My Town - Mr Linky picture on the left it will take you to the place where we enter our links each week. If you click on them they will take you to the individual post so you can see how it works..Hope this helped, Sarah

  3. cherylm hi - I have seen you around a bit. please note the photos we post are our own although from time to time the story allows (forces) us to show photos taken by friends or spouses, or even scans of from the family photo album. look forward to you joining us. GingerV

  4. hmmm....... things I like to touch. we better remember this is a G rated blog! :-)

  5. Thanks for the great new header ChefE. And thanks too GingerV for the topic description ahead.

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