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May 14 - New Moon - The dark side of your town (Black and White option) by NanU
The Dark Side of My Town
When I came up with this theme I was having one of my moods. There's so much sweetness and light in the blogosphere that sometimes I just have enough and want to shout - come on people! NanU example Where's the other side? So tell me: where's the dark side of your town? What would you change about it if you could? Alternatively, what things in your town are simply dark? A shadowed walk under thick trees, a building made of basalt, a black cat... Show us in black & white if you like. For me, any photograph any time can be b&w, but it's not often that it occurs to me to go that route!


  1. I like b&w photography. I do tend to focus on the lighter side of life. The older I get, the less important the darker side becomes.

  2. Ooooo we all need a bit of dark along with the light...I agree. This one will be fun!

  3. very interesting theme NanU!!


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