Spotlight Photos Sports!

Whew! I finally made it. (had a bit of a problem logging in)

This week I have chosen a spotlight photo from each participant. Great job guys!!

Barry and Linda

the gentleman with the big bat! Ann

GingerV rock climbing

Jama skimboarding

Kerry at the rodeo

Sarah with children balancing. Could you do that?

Sara Williams with the doggie paddle

ShabbyGirl's memorabilia

sliding down the dunes from Pauline

SOL belly dancing. not as easy as it looks!

Now...... hoping this looks ok when I post it!! :-)


  1. BTW..... posted by Doreen. forgot to add that!! :-)

  2. Ooooo how fun..I loved all of there..thanks for posting mine too hon!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  3. These were great shots! Loved all the sports folks chose to photograph.

  4. A pretty crazy bunch of activities I'd say. Thanks Doreen!

  5. Thanks for choosing mine, the rest of the selection are so good, my favorite too.


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