Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spotlight – things I like to touch

the touch of sisters by JarieLyn The touch of two sisters by JarieLyn

touch one life by Kent 

Touch one life by Kent

touch of a cold sprite after a hot hike, by ann

Touch of a cold sprite after a hot walk by Ann

a touch for 31 years by Jama

A touch that lasts 31 years by Jama

3 way hug by Pauline

A three way touch by Pauline

the touch of fine old wood by QMM

The touch of fine old wood by QMM

A big heartfelt thanks to everyone

I thought this week a great showing of topic variation

in other words a big success



  1. It was a great shoot for everybody!

  2. Wonderful subject!! I loved every single one of these shots!!

  3. fantastic choices Ginger! I did not have time to make it around to see all the posts.


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