FMTSO For This Friday and Other News........

 Hi All!!

Wow! West Michigan has been getting hit hard lately with storms. Last night tornado sirens going off. Extreme rain, thunder and lightening! Today the weather service told us it was not a tornado but straight line winds up to 75 mph.  Many people had severe damage today. Trees on cars, houses and power lines down, etc. And they are predicting more severe weather tonight and tomorrow. 

 As you may have notice we have been doing some updating and revamping of the sites. Hope it is pleasing to everyone. 

The shoot out this Friday is Water / Lakes / Streams - by Nicole Howard (Father's day - June 20 what did you do for DAD?)

Also we are taking suggestions for future themes. Feel free to leave a message here of your thoughts and suggestions.   

Thanks and have a great rest of the week and can't wait to see all the "Shoot Outs" this weekend.


  1. Doreen, I love the new header. I do find it difficult to read the posts since the color of the font blends with the color of the background. Eek! Am I alone in this?

  2. Cheryl, I didn't have a problem reading it but I put it in bold print. does that help?

  3. After reading NanU's post today I thought that GRAFFITI in our towns would be a good topics. We all have it - but where is it, who does it - is it changing?

  4. The latest I have seen Lotus or Water Lily pond was in Sydney Government House.

  5. Thanks Doreen. It's much easier to read now.


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