Friday June 4 – Menu Spotlight photos

Some topics, like this week’s, take me by surprise.  I guess that is what brings me back week after week and why I am am still participation after 65 weeks.  This week I loved the posts about menus.  Doesn’t it seem as though menus told us something about the town, areas or countries of those who participated?  Thank you Sara Williams for the great topic.
Here are just a few photos to mark this week’s totally great participation. 
Jarielyn menu[1] JarieLyn really enjoying her menu!
Linghams BookStop by Scriptor Senex Bookstore’s standard fare by Scriptor Senex
MenuCollage by CollectInTexas Gal
CollectInTexas Gal’s Vintage Tablecloth Restaurant.


  1. Great photos. I had nothing to post on this one. Darn!
    I love the Vintage Tablecloth menu. What a clever idea. I have got to go see Texas someday.


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