Member Voice – Barry talking about Public Art

June 11 - Public Art
by Barry and Linda
Public Art is the way our various towns represent themselves to the outside world. By definition Public Art is artwork that is free, publicly displayed and tells the world something about us. family2007 109 Often it is represented by the ubiquitous general on his horse, sword raised in triumph,  the poet in his robes clutching his books to his chest, the heroine  in flowing robes. Sometimes it represents a famous moment in local, national or world  history or transports us back in time to remind us of our roots.
In a more modern context it may be represented by a work that is more abstract and serves as a design element to bring a public building to life.
Whatever it is in the context of your town, here is your chance to share it with us for next Friday's shoot out!
Barry Fraser,


  1. Dang it! This topic opened up an old obsession with me. I'll probably come out of retirement for more than one day! God bless you, Barry -- you tapped a nostalgia explosion for me.

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