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Thanks to Barry and Linda for this awesome theme! And thank you to all of this weeks shooters!! You have all made my job of choosing Spotlight Photos very hard. (in no particular order)

 Elaine Dale




B&B, bringing art and nature together. 

What is Public Art?

Public art fits a much broader definition than art in a gallery or a museum. In simple terms, public art is any work of art or design that is created by an artist specifically to be sited in a public space. It can tower several stories high, or it can call attention to the pavement beneath your feet. It can be cast, carved, built, assembled or painted. Whatever its form, public art attracts attention. By its presence alone public art can heighten our awareness, question our assumptions, transform a landscape, or express community values, and for these reasons it can have the power, over time to transform a city’s image. Public art helps define an entire community’s identity and reveal the unique character of a specific neighborhood. It is a unifying force.

Why Public Art?

The impact of public art on a community is priceless and immeasurable and once experienced it only appreciates. Public art has the power to energize our public spaces, arouse our thinking, and transform the places where we live, work, and play into more welcoming and beautiful environments that invite interaction. Public art can make strangers talk, children ask questions, and calm a hurried life. It enhances the quality of life by encouraging a heightened sense of place and by introducing people to works of art that can touch them and generations to come.

The Many Benefits of Public Art

Beyond its enriching personal benefits, public art is a true symbol of a city’s maturity. It increases a community’s assets and expresses a community’s positive sense of identity and values. It helps green space thrive, enhances roadsides, pedestrian corridors, and community gateways; it demonstrates unquestionable civic and corporate pride in citizenship and affirms an educational environment. A city with public art is a city that thinks and feels.

Public Art Funding

Funding public art is a wide-open endeavor. It can be funded by state, local or federal governments. It also offers funding opportunities for percent-for-art programs, public agencies, the general public, individuals, churches, educational institutions, museums, hospitals, corporations, and private foundations. Public art is a community-wide mission with no boundaries for participation and sponsorship.


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  1. Great post, Doreen, exploring the question of "What is art?" I enjoyed visiting everybody's towns this week to see what that looked like, and I bet you did too.

  2. Doreen, I wouldn't have wanted your job this week at all. So many wonderful pieces of art and the photography was something else.

    Congrats to who all who are in the spotlight.

  3. yes Kerry, I really enjoyed seeing everyone's Public Art from around the world. I love art, probably because I am not artistic at all!! I am in awe of singers, musicians, artists of all kinds.

    and you bet cha Cheryl. it was so hard to pic just a few photos when there were so many I wanted to post. and I am sure everyone has there own way of seeing art and what they like best.

  4. I enjoyed looking at almost everyone's entry this week, with so many beautiful choices, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now.


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