Spotlight Photos ~ Rocks ~and Happy Father's Day!!

This was a fun theme, as all our themes are! Friday My Town Shoot Out is just a fun blog and a fantastic place to visit. As you may have noticed there has been some updating and revamping going on. Hope you all like the new look.

Now on to the Spotlight Photos. (no particular order) 

Redlan - amazing!

JarieLyn - rocks for resting

Lena - nature's art

NanU - small but unique

Manang Kim - to remind us of the cold and snow

Scriptor - oldest in the world

Jama - to add a bit of color

The theme for June 25 is Water / Lakes / Streams - by Nicole Howard (Father's day - June 20 what did you do for DAD?)


  1. I have not been here in awhile, so thought I would pop in. I had hoped to return to the shootout after my retirement from the newspaper, but I decided to become the official city and Chamber photographer - on a volunteer basis.

    I find I am working just as much now as I did before I retired, but I have no deadlines and I don't have to take names and write all those words you see under news photos, so shooting is now fun. Besides, an old news photographer can never let an event pass without feeling the need to cover it.

    Anyway, it was a great surprise when I arrived here, and I am posting to say that I love the new look. The interviews are a nice touch. The banner rocks, too.

    I hope the shootout continues to grow and evolve. To all the members, you have been taking some great photos! Keep it up, and keep sharing your little corner of the world.

    Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all you "father shooters" out there.

  2. I definitely love the new look of the blog. It's refreshing and bright.

    Thanks for the spotlight on my resting place. :)


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