Spotlight Photos ~ Water ~

Another great shoot out this week. I just love all the reflections in the water shots and the many interpretations by the shooters.

Writing in Food, Yearbook of the U.S., Department of Agriculture, 1959, Dr. Oaf Michelsen of the National Institute of Health, tells us:
 "Next to oxygen, water is the most important factor for survival of man and animals. A person can do without food for five weeks or more, but without water he can survive for only a few days." 

Water is necessary for life. Water comes in three forms; solid, liquid and gas.

 in the solid form, ice, from Sarah-Paige.

in the gas form, clouds by GingerV.

in the liquid form, Plot55.

Another very interesting shot of water in liquid form is the cup and saucer by Sara Williams. And I quote her  ........ "I will get you guys some more information on the cup and saucer! I am a bit worried though, I only took this picture a few months ago and one of my friends told me that it is now gone but the pump is still there. I sincerely hope she is mistaken because this was a fantastic bit of engineering and as Jama says "unique"." We will be waiting to hear more Sara!!

The theme for July 2 is Urban Macro by the Town Blogger Team. As explained by GingerV ..... in our towns are many features that we see from a distance and think nothing of. it could be a line of pine trees on main street or Lights along a path.... but what makes them beautiful.... close up is it the pine needles or new cones on the branches? or the metal work of the light posts.... or the grain of the granite on the city hall....?

Urban definition
1. Of, relating to, or located in a city.
2. Characteristic of the city or city life.
Macro definition
1. Of great size; large.
2. Large in scope or extent; large-scale

See you all next weekend!! Have a fabulous week shooters!!


  1. But in this one...macro photography means tiny small..little..I know is backwards..but that is the this week of little towns with in your town.

  2. thank you for including my photo! i really enjoyed looking through everyone's contributions...

  3. Great photos! Thank you so much for featuring mine. I can confirm that the cup and saucer is still here and I will get some more information on it and dedicate a post to it. Watch this space!

  4. Great Science class here through Photography. Most enjoy! :)


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