FMTSO Theme for July 16 - Transitions - Member Voice by Redlan

Words by Redlan...
"Our town has full of transitions.  Things are always changing and evolving.  Situations that seem stable and constant can change in an instant or over days, weeks, months or years.

I completely believe that photography and telling the story of transition while you are in it, or before or after you go through it- has a huge, positive impact.  When you embrace the opportunity to capture an event or a series of events, you're making layout memories to your own experience of transitions.  This is priceless and powerful."

 I think what may help here if you have a photo that you can bring out of your archives, and now that may be different, changed, evolved today. I am probably missing the mark but this may help some of you.

 Tomorrow watch for "In The Limelight".  

November 2009

June 2010


  1. oooh Doreen, is this your new house?

  2. yes Kerry. I finally have grass and flowers around it. and I planted a few trees.

  3. Whatta great example of transition. I am looking forward to see more photo features of your house Doreen.


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