July 30 - Things That Barry Made Me Think Of

 July 30 theme "Things That Barry Made Me Think Of" suggested by NanU.

As an Explorer I was always on the go. However, in my English Pram in 1945 I had to wait for Mommy Power to get me moving.
picture and words from FMTSO Classics of Childhood.

 I visited Barry's blog An Explorer's View of Life. This is his first post.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have a philosophy of life.

That sounds a little pretentious. But I'm not unique in this, nor is having a personal philosophy of life elitist in any way.

You have a philosophy of life as well. It may be more elaborate than mine, it may be better reasoned, it may even be more passionately held. Or your philosophy may be more felt than articulated, less well organized and may contain more elements destined to cause you harm.

But either way, you cannot escape having a Philosophy of Life that guides you and protects you in important ways. My life's philosophy has led me along certain pathways to certain destinations.

It has led me into an exploration of life. It has led me here.

Over the next few weeks and months I want to share this philosophy with you. Feel free to join me.

Or not.


  1. Hey - Recently, I have been having a very hard time finding my way around the site. Where are the links for Friday's shootout so I can visit the?

  2. I am loving this..wonderful idea Nanu. Such a wonderful special man...so hard to think of him not being here to join in the fun. But I know he would love this!

  3. Rebecca the link is in the right hand column to the Mr. Linky thingy!! :)


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