Sad News.......

Barry Fraser, one of the first FMTSO shooters has passed away. He will be missed but not forgotten. I am sure I speak for all of us that knew Barry all of our thoughts and prayers go out to Linda, his children, family and friends. 
this is a photo I had saved in my spotlight album that Barry had posted on one of our shoot outs

Rest in peace Barry........

We will be doing a special tribute shoot out to Barry the 30 of July. "Things That Barry Made Me Think Of".


  1. I am really going to miss Barry. What a great outlook on life he had, and how bravely he battled cancer. Heartfelt wishes go out to Linda and the rest of the family.

  2. I am so sad to hear this...he will be missed! He brought so much joy to us all! Sending love and prayers to Linda and their family!
    Truly, Sarah

  3. God, I loved Barry so much. He felt like a life-long friend. Thank you for doing the tribute. Both a sweet and sad photo.

    Prayers and hugs to Linda and other members of the family, not to mention Lindsay.

  4. Barry welcomed me in here with graciousness and kindness. I had a feeling things weren't going well with his absence of late.

    My sympathies to Linda and her family.

  5. I too, fell in love with Barry. He was kind, brave, courageous, witty, smart and refined. I will never forget his words and the warmth that he exuded. He touched my soul with his heart.

  6. This is a great idea NanU, It will give us all an oportunity to put our thoughts in order. Difficult but good.

  7. Barry was a hero. He was my hero. He made this world better...he is at peace now, I try to find to comfort in that.

    Sending my prayers to Linda, Barry's family, and Lindsay. :)

  8. I knew when I read the name Barry and Linda I knew I've been to their blogs. Just minutes ago I was looking their blogs to some bloggers but couldn't find it thankfully I came here to see last weeks entry since I was not able to join.
    My deepest sympathy to the family and rest assured of my prayers.

    "Eternal rest grant unto Barry oh Lord and let your perpetual shine upon him, may he rest in peace!

  9. He spirit was big and generous and we will miss him.

  10. To me Barry was the King of Bloggers! I give people nicknames, it's how I remember who people are. Barry knew that was my nickname for him. I know it sounds silly but I keep thinking, "Long live the King!"

  11. Dear Linda,

    Barry was a fighter, you have been a great wife. I will remember him when he told me he had not seen a Black sheep. Just today, I was showing some visiting teachers from Korea the very post I dedicated to him, the black sheep. I was thinking how Barry is.

    Take care,


    You know what, I just did a post on Euthanasia, and Barry despite his pain did not choose this option.

  12. Although, I'm fairly new to Friday ShootOut and knew Barry for a short time, I so appreciated his comments and encouragement. His contributions to My Town ShootOuts are recorded for all time and shared with so many...a special gift to us all.

  13. This is very sad news. His blog was one of my favorites-he was an insightful and excellent writer and human being.

  14. Hard to compost today's shootout knowubd Barry and Linda would not be in it. I am so glad we will dedicate it to him next week. I was going to suggest something like that. He touched everyone who read his blog. Refined, educated, handsome, humorous, brave and loving Barry.

  15. I only found out about Barry leaving us last night as I have been away from blogging for the last week.

    I am so saddened by the news because Barry and Linda have been a big part of my life over the last year and a half of my life. Barry introduced me to Friday Shoot Out and gave me the confidence to join.

    I loved his writing, I sent him a book "Copper" in the hope that he would be inspired to write a similar book about Lindsey.

    I never had the privelage of meeting Barry in person but he was still an integral part of my life and my own fight with cancer.

    Barry was an amazing person, a talented writer. The world is a much better place for having him in it.

    I am so glad that Barry touched my life and he will live on in my memory forever. Special people do.

    My thoughts go out to Linda and his family and especially little Lindsey xx

  16. I did not need to meet Barry in person to know his quality. Barry, is a rare gem. No shoot-out member exemplified divine qualities better than Barry. My belief is that I will meet Barry again, in the spirit. He will inspire me then, just as he has inspired me on earth.
    My prayers go out to you, Linda. I wish all men had a wife with your celestial qualities. May God be with you, in the desires of your heart.
    Walk With Faith


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