Barry's Tribute and Member Voice for August 6 - ~ Smells ~

The Tribute to Barry was beautiful and perfect. No "Spotlight" anything this week. Barry touched us all, no matter how long we knew him. He had such an openness way about him and made us all feel special. Barry is loved by many and will be missed.

  Sara made this comment under the Mr. McLinky site:
"I have been reading through the blogs and they are amazing. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could somehow put them all together, make a book and give it to Linda x"

Do any of our crafty FMT Shooters have software that could do that? Or does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?

  On to the "Member Voice" for August 6 - Smells by NanU.
 In her words:
For the Taste and Smells theme, I was originally thinking just Smells. Food smells like barbeque and the bakery down the street bring in the Taste aspect, but also other smells: fresh-cut grass, asphalt being laid down, low tide, dumpsters, clean laundry, a loved one's perfume. There are so many things that make up part of our environment and add their particular scent to it without our really noticing. What makes your town smell like home?
(the theme was originally posted as taste and smells, now changed to just smells as suggested) 



  1. has a very easy format for putting together a book like this, Doreen. I use it...and what a beautiful thought.

  2. did you see Linda's post, they had a 'book' of comments at the memorial. beautiful for us to be included.

    well to photograph a smell will be a challenge - thank YOU NanU.

  3. We could also do it on iPhoto or Aperture, if someone with a Mac would be willing to do a lot of copy-pasting!

    Looking forward to seeing smells! (?)

  4. We could also use shutterfly or book making site like that. This weeks shootout was really wonderful all!! I cried through most of them..but it was beautiful! Thank you all for adding your thoughts about Barry!Hugs to Linda!

    Ooooo I love this one I am thinkin already....mmmmmmmm.....

  5. Do we have any volunteers for making of the book and what would we title it?

    From The Gang
    Barry's Buddies

    just throwing stuff out there!!

  6. I think all the comments on each post should be in the book also.

    what do you all think?

  7. I think that the comments should definately be included in the book. As for a title not sure what to say, I am not very good at things like that.

    If there are any costs involved, please let me know because I would like to contribute.

    Sara xx

  8. Blog2Print is also a good place to go - and I think they include comments.

    I haven't been able to see anyones, as I scheduled my post, and then went out of town from Friday until yesterday...I am looking forward to see them! :)

    Beautiful idea, the book one. :)

  9. The other thing I was hoping was that Linda - or Barry - had been copying, saving, printing all of his blogs. I know he was working on a book. I hope his heritage doesn't get lost in blogspace. I've collected my blogs for my son by simply cutting and pasting into Word. It is tedius. It also creates tons and tons of paper.

  10. Doreen, Linda made a packet of all the Friday tributes. She said she was going to close his blog by the end of the week. Smells is a fun topic.

  11. I think a book of the posts is a beautiful idea. Happy to contribute to the costs, too.

    Barry's book is something I'm very much looking forward to reading. I do recall he said he was about done with it, and had contacted a self-publisher. I hope it gets made!

  12. The book that Linda's daughter created for last Friday probably included the many tributes written by readers of Barry's blog, but I doubt that they could have included the ones from FSO, which only came out that day. I think it's a great idea and hope that somebody knows how to do this.


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