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The suggestion was brought up to make a book out of all our posts and comments to them for Barry's Tribute. (see last post here and comments) I have to admit I don't know the first thing about doing a project like that and do not have the time for it. If any one would like to attempt it please let us all know and if there is a cost, etc. 
And just a reminder, if you have a favorite for "Spotlight Photos" send me your suggestions. And, don't you just love the word and? And if you have any suggestions for "Themes" for shoot outs, please send them also!!

Lake Michigan yesterday. the waves were so much fun to watch and listen to.


  1. For themes, how about Favorite Neighbor, or a Favorite Shop. It'll be interesting to focus tightly on one thing, to contrast the everything-I-can-think-of on the topic weeks. Also: Peace.

    Regretfully, I know nothing about publishing stuff, although there are plenty of self-publishing houses that are ready for business. Sorry! I will be happy to give some financial support if there are up-front costs.

  2. do we actually need to publish a book or could we not just gather together a digital (CD version) of tributes and comments and some photos? What is the intent? to give a copy of all to Linda or for each one of us to have all the tributes - plus some of Barry's best post? clarifying intent would help know what it would take in tiem....
    Maybe at the first of December I could find time for this kind of project but would need to know what you all are thinking.

  3. I think what Sara was referring to was just our "Things That Barry Made Us Think Of" posts and their comments. not posts from his blog. just our tribute to him. for Linda.

    Sara Williams said...

    I have been reading through the blogs and they are amazing. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could somehow put them all together, make a book and give it to Linda x

    she mentioned in the comments on our Mr. McLinky for that week.

  4. I'm sorry about Barry. If this loss tells us anything it says that life can be very short and you should do the things you love. His photography is his legacy. He will be missed.


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