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Ann is our guest interview for the month of August. Visit her part of the world at My Thoughts, Stories and Articles


When did the photo bug bite you?
When I was a toddler in Borneo, my dad went to England. I was 5 when he came back with a camera which looked very sophisticated to me. Later when my eldest sister joined her school's photography club, he took out the camera. The most impressive thing he said was, surprising, after all these years, the film was still ok. That was when the bug nibbled me, There were 6 of us, and we took turns taking B & W photos of ourselves. As an adult, I took photos of my children. Lots and lots of them. I finally succumbed when I started blogging in November 2008.

What was your first camera and what do you use now?
I can't remember that first camera. I now used Canon 530.
Have you ever taken any photography courses? 
At 15, I joined my school's photography club, but I wasn't a good student.
What inspires you to turn on the camera, the gotta have it shot?
It depends, some if I think will make a good blog story. Some special events.
What is on your equipment wish list?
I like those cameras that allow me to take nice views, closeups of birds or animals.  You know, those with a long lens. LOL

Have you missed an awesome shot because you didn’t have your camera with you?
 Plenty. Sometimes I forget the camera, other times I forget to charge the batteries. Just three days ago, I was walking by myself, and saw a rainbow which was narrow, and I could take both ends of the rainbow. But alas, my camera was at home with a flat battery. Walking is the best way to take good photos.


Blogging since ……Nov 2008

Why did you start blogging?
Actually, I resisted blogging. I was into writing, but getting no where with publishers. Friends suggested that I post my writing on a blog. I had the misconception that bloggers were shameless, screaming," Read me, Read me."
Eventually, my eldest daughter set up my first blog, and soon I was converted. I apologize to all bloggers. 
Is there a story behind the name of your blog?
No, as my daughter set up the blog, she knew I had lots of stories to post, and I had a lot of opinions and thoughts.

What does blogging mean to you now?
Now, it means having lots of friends from all over the world, sharing my thoughts with like minded people, I am passionate about the environment, and my personal vehicle to share my encouragement to bereaved parents because I had that experience.

What advice would you give to a new blogger?
Write and post what you like. After  this is your blog. There is no editors to delete your work. However, be prepared to receive comments if you write extreme ideas.
One advice I got from a senior friend, this apply to my life as  well as to blogging. If you can't say any thing good, don't say it. This applies to commenting other blogs.
In my circle of bloggers, perhaps from the nature of my blogs, which appeal to like minded people, my fellow bloggers are very polite.
I have read some other blogs, and the comments can be very vicious. NOT NICE.

Do you have a favorite time of the day to write posts?
On week days, around 4 O'clock after I come back from work after a cup of tea. The last thing before I go to bed especially if I write "meaty" post.

Have you set any goal about your blog? Anything you want to achieve with it?
No, it naturally progress. I take my camera and any thing interesting may happen.

Question from Redlan:

What's the satisfying compliment someone told you about your blog or post?
When blogger comment that they agree with you, or tell you that they learn from you.
Can you take a look outside and describe the view at this moment?
It is raining, but the sun is peeking through the clouds.


If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
I have been to USA when I was younger, just to New York, Washington DC and California. Now that I have so many blogger friends in USA, I would like to take a long slow trip and visit all of USA.
What would you like to teach others?
To take the first step to make friends.
Which adjectives best describe you?
Have people to agree that I am caring and friendly

What is happiness to you?
To have a happy family, and that they love you.

What are your basic stats that you would like to share?
Born In British Borneo, at 20 went to Windsor Ontario Canada, came to New Zealand in 1978, went to Singapore for 16 years, and finally back to New Zealand in 2006.
Married with 4 kids, my 3rd died when he was a baby, this is why I am passionate to bereaved parents,
Is a teacher of ESOL, English of Speakers of other languages. This allows me to be with children and adults from all cultures.
Besides blogging or photography, what is your favorite thing to do? 
I used to do Charity for the Deaf in Kenya. But now, blogging has taken over.

 Favorite saying or quotation: (or any comment you would like to make)
Robert Frost: Two roads meet, and I took the one less traveled by,
Don't feel that you have to conform. Follow your heart.


  1. Oh oh oh that was wonderful...I love these posts..getting to know you better!! Wow!! Wonderful interview!! Hugs, Sarah

  2. This is even better than photographs! It is wonderful to get to know Ann better. I love her posts and now they will be even more personal. Great questions, great answers! Bravo!

  3. After having followed Ann's blog for over a year, most of these facts have come out before, but it is great to read it in a coherent line of information. Thank you Ann for your Candor, now and on your personal posts. I would love to see some post showing your first B&W of your siblings, I have no photos of my 7 siblings together as children - I think this would be happiness.

  4. Nice to know you, Ann. I mean better. You have been with the FSO a long time. Gosh, you are practically one of the original "gang" members.

    Your posts are always wonderful to read.

  5. That was a great interview. I have followed Ann for some time and always enjoy her posts. I enjoy blogging when getting to 'meet' folks from other cultures and see their lands and local activities. This is a great addition to the FSO.

  6. Nice to know more about Ann. She's one of the nicest bloggers I've met online. Keep it up!


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