"Member Voice" for August 13th - Roads and Pathways

Our theme for August 13th is "Roads and Pathways" by Lena aka SOL. And I just realized it is Friday the 13th! That only counts if you are superstitious I guess.....

In Lena's words:

"Roads and pathways can vary greatly from place to place.  They are a great way to really highlight one's town or city.  Also, roads and pathways have metaphorical value.  So much of life is a journey and we are always "on the road" to something.  Additionally, there is the mystery of what is at the end of that road or pathway; what is next.   Also, I Iove perspective shots and have seen some amazing ones from FSO members, so I look forward to seeing more!!"


  1. This is a great topic and I dont mind it being Friday 13th. I had my cancer removed on Friday 13th and 18 months on (fingers crossed) so far, so good x

  2. there should be many beautiful photos with this subject matter.
    i always love seeing a winding road and wondering what is ahead.

    the photo in this post is gorgeous.

  3. Congrats Sara! and that is a date you will not forget.

    thanks Chasity (on the photo) there are three covered bridges close to where I live. I really love visiting them.


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