"Spotlight Photos" for August 13 - Roads and Pathways and "What Am I?"

Thanks to Lena for the topic for this week. So much fun as always. Roads and paths can take us to work, on a spiritual journey or where ever our mind may go. Thank you to everyone that participated.



 Jama's night scene

NanU, who says she can see Barry and Lindsay walking this pathway


The theme for August 20th is "What Am I?" 
 One, two or three mysterious photos of something in your town. Something that will not be readily recognized. We shall all have fun guessing what it may be. And I am suggesting that you schedule on your blog the whole picture of the "What Am I?" on Sunday.  (so we all can check back and see if we guessed right!) I know this theme is different than what we have ever done. Hoping it will be something new and fresh and get us out there shooting and thinking.

Happy Shooting!!


  1. It's been awhile since I've posted a Friday Shoot Out, but I'm excited to get involved again (espeically now that I have a brand-new-ish fancy camera to tote around town). I already have a post in the works for Friday!

    Kate in Kansas City

  2. well welcome back Kate from Kansas!! should be a fun theme this week.

  3. I am looking forward to this week's fun topic. thanks for including my simple road along with these other great photos.


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