Spotlight Photos for August 20 - "What Am I?"

I want to give special thanks to everyone that took part in this shoot out. To me, it was so much fun reading all the guesses ......... and then seeing what is really is!! I had fun on my post reading all the guesses and just chuckling. 
 Here we go in no particular order.

Gayla    ??

reflection of the piano keys and rose

Jama ??

the fruit Mangoesteen. it is a work of art!


  1. nice pick. the rose's reflection on piano key turned out great ",) all others are very nice too. i had big fun with this theme. :)

  2. I missed the rose one but so glad you put it in spotlight. One of my 2010 favorites!

  3. Thank you so much for spot lighting my Piano and Rose picture I'm thrilled. I really enjoy the the FMTSO.


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