Theme for August 27th - "Shooters Choice" and chit chat

The theme for August 27th is ....... your choice!!

What would you like us to see or know about your town. What is special, unusual, unique, stunning, vibrant, black and white, sepia tones, macro, bokeh. Use it all!! Show your creative side. Tell us a story of your town.

 ~ other news and chit chat ~
I will be trying my best to have the "voices of members" the week before the shoot out of that topic. It does make more sense to give you more time to get your shots and an early reminder. I make a list of the future topics and put them in my pocket when I go out with my camera. (I am so forgetful!) That way if I see something pertaining to one of the themes I am all set.

This month I posted a couple of very important posts. "In The Limelight" was posted August 11th - Ann was our guest interview; and "The Beginning" was posted August 17th, as written by Patty. I thank Patty for sharing all that she could remember from the beginning of this wonderful fun blog. Coming soon "Who Were the Dirty Dozen?"

If you are new here and would like to be added to the member list on the side bar, send me your info. Or if you have changed your blog name or something and need it updated, let me know. 

As always, if you have any suggestions for future themes send them to me also. 

I am having a lot of fun seeing everyone's guesses at the this weeks theme "What Am I?" What a hoot!! I am thinking we may all be surprised when we check back on Sunday to see the whole picture..........


  1. Thanks Doreen for posting the theme a weekend in advance! It might be a little more work, but it's worth it.
    I'm interested in seeing who of the original dozen are still participating regularly. The group has changed a lot this year.

  2. this next weekend we will be in Rio - my habit has been to post from whatever town I am in at the time.... what can I say about RIO - For the following 3 weeks we will be driving through Tuscany and into Rome. I will post when i am able - time and connections being hard to find. I will keep track of you all though.

  3. enjoy your travels Ginger. how fantastic!


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