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Well guess what? I did not know what fauna was until we had this shoot out. After Sarah suggested it I had to look it up. So I am not only learning more about photography but also learning new words! 

 A very fun shoot out!

 Tiffany. If I ever get another dog, I would like to get an English Bulldog.

Psychelyn. love the contrast of the colors with black and white.

 Kerry. this made me laugh. keep an eye out buddies!

Patsy. nice smooth texture and color.

 Ann. Yikes!! that is all I have to say.........

This weeks theme is Hot and/or Cold. 
 Happy Shooting!!


  1. This was a fun shoot-out. Thanks, Doreen!

  2. great shots all, I missed this week's shootout and will miss next Friday also. Did go by to visit a few and will see all of them soon. Am back in Brasil and will get back in the groove.
    visit Flowers to see some of my Italy shots.... about 6 post worth.

  3. thanks for the mention. shootout turned out very well and interesting.


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