Spotlight Photos Hot and Cold

Even though there were not many participating this week, the ones that did had such interesting and educational posts. Thanks to all of you!


 CTG (collectin texas gal)





  1. I miss Barry. I met him when we were still in China. We all started the FRIDAY SHOOTOUTS with Patty and Reggie Girl.. When we migrated here in Mississauga, Ontario Canada, I thought I would have the chance to see in the flesh one of the most caring, thoughtful and highly intelligent person I had only met in the net.

    Whenever I feel lonely, I used to come to his site and see the beauty of the places he visited with Lyndsey.. He made me stronger.. he is the man who is stronger than all of us..

    I wish I could come and visit you somehow in your resting place. I know you're still reading my blogs while you're there in heaven. I'm not active right now but I know you know why.

    WELCOME to 2L3B's WORLD blogspot would always cherish you for all the learning you had imparted..

    my prayers are with you BARRY. May you rest in peace.

    LOIDA of the 2L3B's


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