Introducing Double Takes with Rebecca!!

FMTSO is proudly announcing Double Takes with Rebecca. Rebecca is one of our members and she is from Ambler Pennsylvania. Her images are phenomenal, very creative and inspiring. A while back, out of the blue, I asked her if she would like to do a monthly post on photography. So here she is!!

 Here is a bio written by her son, Mathias.

My Mom: Rebecca Haegele
 by Mathias Haegele

My mom enjoys taking pictures of anything and everything around her. She never leaves one of her cameras behind when we go places. She knows them so well that she has names for them, the old one is “Snappy,” he was her first digital SLR, a Canon XT. The newer one is called “Frank the Tank” because he is so big compared to Snappy. Frank is a Canon 50D which she bought this summer with her birthday gift money. She has a bunch of other camera stuff too. Earlier this year she even won a new Tamron lens in a photo contest. She was very excited about that.

Once my mom takes her pictures she puts them all onto her laptop and selects a few to go on her blogs. My computer games hardly work on the laptop because her photos take up all the space. That's why I need my own laptop, but Mom doesn't listen to that. You can see her photos on one of her two blogs, The Dusty Cellar or The Dusty Cellar Shoots or on her new photo gallery on Smug Mug.

Double Takes with Rebecca will begin soon so stayed tuned!


  1. Can't wait to read more! In the meantime, Rebecca, I'm voting that you buy him a laptop!!

  2. any young man that can write that well needs his own laptop. They are even less costly than a new lens. If that argument doesn't work Mathias, suggest an external drive - can get a terra bite for about 150 USD (see
    As an admirer of Rebecca am looking forward to this new feature

  3. I'm excited for this new edition. Can't wait. It sounds like your son needs a laptop.

  4. Whooot thrilled you are doing this! Can't wait to see what you post!! Hugs:)


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