Spotlight Photos Chairs!

Once again our shooters have out done themselves. What a variety of chairs; old and new, antique and abandoned, colorful and blah. In no particular order the "spotlight photos" for chairs. As always, if you have a favorite one to suggest for the "spotlight" feel free to email me. Thanks!!

JarieLyn unique saloon stools

 Kerry and her birthday chair

 Ann's colorful chairs

 Ginger beautiful ruins

 Jama's aunt antique chairs

 and NanU and her chair stupid chair tricks!! how fun!


  1. Because I respect those decadent ancient Romans, have always wanted to be a cowgirl, love antique chairs, don't mind-when it is the right person-having a hand on my butt, love those fabulous stupid chair tricks, I am honored to be in this company. Thanks Doreen, for all of your work.

  2. Yes, thank you Doreen!! And I think NanU's chairs are pretty darn talented!!!

  3. Great pic picks! I think those are the ones I would have chosen too!

  4. Love the new layout of the blog. I think it definitely helps newbies understand what the FMTSO is all about. Great job!


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