Spotlight Photos for Black and Orange and next weeks theme

I like when someone says ........ I didn't think I could find anything pertaining to the theme but when I started looking, I saw this and that and etc.  The fun thing about this group is it opens yours eyes to the world around you. On with Spotlight Photos, in no particular order, as always.






Next weeks theme is Water, Glass, Shiny Objects Reflections. I love reflections and they are everywhere. Store windows, dishes, mirrors, cars and of course water; one of my favorites. 

Basket Forest by Dale Chihuly

Let's have a little fun with this one. Who can capture the most unusual reflection. The most unusual object reflection or weirdest location reflection, etc. 


  1. As usual, nice photos.

    Can you sign me up for Friday Town Shootout? I'm an old member, I just take long vacations every now and then from blogging but I would like to join this upcoming Friday.

    HalfCrazy from Manila, Philippines. I know Ms. Patty H and a lot from the pioneering batch of Town Shootout!

    Thank you! :)

  2. done. I have you in the member list. If you rather have a name there instead of Halfcrazy, let me know.

  3. Great choices for the best photos. There were some good ones for sure. Looking out for reflections, etc. starting today.

  4. @DOREEN - HalfCrazy is fine, thank you! As long as it says 'Manila, Philippines' there. Imma be representing. Haha! :)

  5. Thanks for the mention. Apologies for non-reaction in all the comments, i got stuck with work so i just posted my shot without any word.

    i saw that bug dressed perfectly for the topic few weeks ahead so i was so waiting for the moment to introduce pretty little bug to everyone.

    i'm glad she made it here ",)

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