Spotlight Photos Patterns suggested by Gordon

While going through the posts and reading the comments, I think everyone really enjoyed this theme. Thanks to Gordon for suggesting this. Everyone has a different interpretation and awesome images of patterns. If you have not made it around to visit all the entries, be sure to! 

  As always I had a hard time narrowing down the images to just a few. I am trying something different this time. Hope it works out!
Images shown are Jama, Sarah-Paige, JarieLyn, QMM, Lena, Pauline, B&B, Camella, Psychelen. 


  1. Doreen, that is fantastic! I even begin to imagine how you did that, but it really works!

    Love your choices, I think they were my favourites, too.

  2. I really love the pattern of Lena's water shot. they are all magnificent!

  3. Cool idea, but my computer won't go to the link.

  4. there shouldn't be a link for the slide show Nan. don't know why your computer doesn't play it.


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