Spotlight Photos Spooky!!

I just got done handing out most of my treats to the little ghosts and goblins, and a few princesses, creatures, little bugs and some I don't know what they were! No tricks yet, that I know of. The first Halloween in my new neighborhood and it was lots of fun. I will say most of the parents were also dressed up. One of my neighbors was handing out hotdogs, chili dogs, coffee and treats. What fun they are having! The party is still going on at their house. 

 On with the Spotlight Photos for Spooky!






 and a second one of Mark's. the look on Bill's face is priceless!!

 Have a fabulous week everyone! This weeks theme is the Letter N. If you haven't checked it out yet, Rebecca has started a new monthly post called Double Takes with Rebecca. 


  1. These are all so perfect. Pauline's cow is the best. The cow really does look frightened and it made me laugh so hard. Great choice.

  2. I didn't participate this week, but did make it through most of the posts. everyone did really fun photos, was a great shoot out.
    good choices for spotlight.

  3. Yeah! Thanks for the mention :) Awesome theme this week!

  4. Great posts - the cow is my favorite!

  5. I believe the cats are my favorite. The expression says it all. Thank you for including my dark tunnel, It was pretty scary to go into.


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