Member Voice for November 12 - Over Your Head

When out and about on walks where do you look? What do you see or what catches your attention? We usually are looking in front of us, to the side or sometimes we look back. Unless you are a bird watcher, do you look up? Do you notice what is above your head way up high? Well here is your chance to get creative and show us what is UP in your town. Have fun shooters!

a few pics from when I went to Mackinaw City

 under the Mackinaw Bridge


  1. Great idea for FSO. I have been on that bridge.

  2. we did a look up look down week and was great fun, look forward to seeing 'what's-up'

  3. So are we doing this topic or the Temptation one?

  4. What's Up for the 12th. yep, I had the dates wrong and fixed them today. sorry!


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