Spotlight Photos ~ Favorite Shop ~

This was a very enjoyable theme. I loved everyone's posts and thoughts on your favorite shop.

In no particular order:

NanU. this photo intrigues me. what are they talking about? are they drooling over the goodies? are they discussing how much money they have to buy a favorite treat? or just passing by and what caught their attention...... 

 Dawn. I like the three tiers, colorful, sitting on the chair. the one foot of the doll hanging over the top of the chair. the sticks in the bottom left corner. more doll legs in the background. the mat in the doorway. the sprig of evergreen at the top of the three tiers.

 Jama. I could be in this mall for a week! probably because I would be lost and could not find my way out. :-) amazing shot!

 Kerry. a great entrance to a shop. the color and the name. first impressions. must bring in tons of shoppers.

Sue CTG. a scene out of an old movie. everything out on the sidewalk entrance. the tilt of the umbrellas out front. once again, color! I would have to go inside and see what is there. 

Fantastic job everyone! We have the best little group of shooters!!
Happy Shooting!!


  1. These are all so wonderful. I'm so sorry I missed this shoot out because I really love the theme. Everyone took such fabulous photos.

  2. Very enjoyable. I have been so very busy working too hard ...but in the New Year I am moving to a new coastal town and hoping to relax more and join in again. xx


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