Spotlight Photos Over Your Head

Well I have to tell you .... you all did a top notch shoot out for this theme. I had the hardest time deciding on "Spotlight Photos". From time to time I will be changing the header shot with photos from our shoot outs.






Little Chit Chat.........

I want to thank all who have been our guest interviews for "In The Limelight". I sometimes forget to do that.

Be sure to check out "Double Takes with Rebecca". She will be having another post later this month.

Heads up on the Future Topics list. I have made a few changes. Hope this doesn't mess anyone up. And as always, if you have any suggestions for future topics, email me or leave a comment here.

I see we have had a few new "shooters" lately. If you are not on the member list and would like to be, let me know how you would like your name and location listed and the url to your blog. 

Thanks to everyone that has been hanging in there and posting FMTSO shoot outs. There has been quite a few changes here and there but many of you have been loyal "shooters". I enjoy getting to know more and more about you all and learning about your part of the world. We are a FMTSO Family!!


  1. There are some really wonderful choices here {mine pales in comparison}. Love the first two.

  2. Cool. It's fun to see additional photos in the header, too!

  3. Thanks Doreen for including my ClothesLine Overhead Shot! It was a great shoot out with soooo many great overhead shots. Really like the Header Gallery view! Thanks for all you do for FMTSO!

  4. Yay makes my heart flip flop when I see my photo here. Thanks!


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