Spotlight Photos ~ Temptation ~

So many of you are tempted by ...........

photo by Anne
cakes! chocolates! sweets! bakeries! 

and ....... there were a few that are tempted by .......... 

everything Christmas!
and many have a book temptation.

 photo by Dawn

many are drawn towards and can't pass an ........... 

antique shop! photo by CTG Sue

One has a unusual temptation. She can't pass up a ..........

photo by JarieLyn

and yes, dear visitors and shooters...... even animals have temptations. 

photo by Lena

 her cat is tempted to eat the plants!

 Fantastic shoot out everyone!

Take a peek at NanU's member voice on this weeks theme ........ Favorite Shop. 
As an added shot, add a photo of the main street of your town.


  1. i would suggest, something old, something new in your town. I am back here with new url

    I missed you guys!

  2. Hi Redlan! glad you are back with us. you were missed for sure! if you check out the future topics list, Dec. 31 we are doing what is new, evolving, etc. which could be evolving from old to new, etc. I will change your url for your site.

  3. Thank Doreen. I try to join in the future post


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