Double Takes With Rebecca: Frame Your Photo

One way to add interest to your photos is to frame them before you take them!
So obviously I am not talking about a wooden frame with glass,
I am talking about using the environment to create a frame for your subject.

Below is an example - this photo was taken by Kerry who is one of our participants.
She framed the people & landscape using the tree branch, trunk and shadow.
Nice job Kerry!

Here is a sample of a photo I took of a cannon, framed by a cannon, taken with my Canon!

And here is a photo taken by my brother in law, John Hardy, in Linderhof.

And finally, think a little outside the box too...

On your next photo excursion,
look around for some environmental frames you can include to enhance your image.


  1. this is very good and very helpful. I will be looking while our and about for nature's frames. I love the photos you have presented here also.

  2. Wow, look at those beautiful kids coming through the willow leaves: beautiful! Rebecca, you give such good advice and I have learned a lot from you.

  3. I so appreciate advise while taking photos! I certainly admit that I don't usually thing about the framing. I'm still thinking about the "thirds" concept! Hahaha!
    You have such beautiful photos! And thanks for the tips!!!

  4. This could be a theme for some future Friday Shoot! Since I don't shoot with a Canon, I'll hve to go find a statue of Nike and place a Nike running shoe behiond it.

  5. good idea Mark. I will add that!

  6. Thanks for that, Rebecca. Love the photo you chose to illustrate your point.

    Re Mark's suggestion, I think framing or framed would be a great topic. There are several interpretations and I think it would be fun.

  7. I like to use close things to put edges on the photo. also helps keep you focused on a smaller area. good advice.


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