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December is a very busy month for everyone. This has shown up in our decline of "shooters" each week. Getting ready for the Holidays, family and friends visiting and shopping to do, whether picking out a special gift or shopping the market for dinner delectables. Thanks to everyone that is still taking the time to post on our weekly themes with all of the busy schedules. 






This weeks theme (December 17) is the color RED. Mark may be posting "10 Minutes From Home" though. But don't quote me on that!! :-)


  1. Just stopping in to wish everyone a happy holiday season. I have been busy...way too busy, and I have no idea when I will get caught up. Just as I complete one assignment, something else crops up, and running two weeks behind in filing photos doesn't help. Once I have finished my work for the day, I can't look at the computer. But it is Christmas, and I do think of all the old members on a regular basis. I miss all of you and the fun we had. Many of you are like family that one talks to a couple of times a year - out of sight, but never mind.

    Everyone is doing a great job; photos look fantastic. Doreen, I know how much work this takes. Thanks a bunch for keeping the shootout going.

    Mark confused? Say it ain't so?

    Ho, ho, ho!

  2. Thank you for spot lighting the waterfall, I like all the rest of the pictures you chose too.


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